My name is Nadine, I have been interested in the paranormal since a very young age. I consider myself a skeptic and focus my research on the technical aspect. I work with several paranormal teams around SEQLD and now have my Diploma in applied paranormal research.


My name is Caitlin I am uncomfortable around humans so decided to become a paranormal investigator. I now have over 8 years worth of experience working with other paranormal groups in Queensland.


I have always liked weird things and from a very young age had an interest in the paranormal. This led me to join some professional groups across Queensland and here I am 3 years down the track wandering around in the dark with my friends still.


Growing up I've always had a fascination with horror movies, so it's only fitting I would be trying to seek out and investigate what could be real. I would deem myself a skeptic, but open to the idea of what could be out there. At the moment I am learning the technical aspect of paranormal research.


I have the gift of Clairsentience, which is the ability to feel things such as the the moods or emotions of a person or space. My interest in the paranormal began at a young age when I would hear whispers in my ear at night while I was trying to sleep. These experiences have developed over the years to being full blown apparitions and as a result I have always found that I gravitated towards the spooky and unknown. I’m always looking for answers to the things I can feel and sometimes see.