SLS Camera / Kinect Camera

SLS camera/ Kinect camera. This is an experimental device that maps what it thinks are human shapes. It is always interesting when it maps someone that isn’t there!

Oracle Box Mini

This experimental device eliminates the hush sound from a spirit box or other ITC devices.

Thermal Imaging & Temperature Gun

Our FLIR thermal camera allows us to see our surroundings in temperature. This is great for determining possible hot and cold spots but also for checking for animals and natural occurrences that may appear to be paranormal.

Ovilus III

The ovilus is an ITC experimental device. This device has a word database built into it and the theory is spirits can manipulate the device and choose words to display.

K-II Meters

The K2 meter measures the electromagnetic fields around it. Not only can it potentially pickup spirits, it can determine electrical currents or EMF that we may not be aware of. High EMF readings can cause uneasy feelings and paranoia.

Dictaphone/Audio Recorder

Dictaphone or audio recorder. The microphone on this device is extremely sensitive and we use this to try capture EVP’s (electronic voice phenomenon) these voices we don’t hear at the time but they appear on the recorder during playback.

SP7 (Spirit Box)

SP7 (spirit box) also an ITC device. This device scan radio frequencies in rapid succession creating an endless band of white noise. The theory is spirits can communicate through white noise.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors: we have 2 types of motion sensors, general and night sensors. Night sensors only work in the dark and change colour when something moves past it. Our general motion sensor lights up when movement is detected.

VNN Sensor & EM Pump

VNN sensor and EM pump. The VNN sensor detects any vibrations in the surroundings. This particular device is handy in detecting footprints. The EM pump creates electro magnetic energy which is said that spirits use to manifest. This device may give them that extra boost.

Laser Grid

Laser grid. The use of this device in conjunction with a static camera can be quite useful on an investigation. If a spirit moves through the lasers, it may be picked up on the camera.

Infrared Lights

Infrared lights: our IR lights accompany our night vision and full spectrum cameras. We also use IR boosters in locations that are particularly dark.

REM POD / Proximity Detector

Rem pod or proximity detector. This device works exactly the same way as the K2 except it creates a sound when it detects EMF. This is handy when we have to leave a section of a location we can hear if something sets it off.

Night Vision Camera / Motion Sensor

Motion sensor night vision game camera. Triggered by motion we use this camera to take photos.

Cam Corders

Night vision cam corders

Action Camera Body/POV

Night vision action camera/body camera/pov camera

Full Spectrum Action Cameras

Full spectrum cameras: our full spectrum cameras have been modified to see the full spectrum of light from UV to IR. We modify these cameras ourselves and generally can use them for photos or videos/pov cameras.