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Australian ghostbusters claim a paranormal force threw stones at them while they investigated spectral goings-on in an attic

  • Haunted Down Under claims stones were thrown at them while hunting ghosts
  • The team says stones were thrown at them in the attic of a historical site
  • The ghost hunters heard unusual banging sounds in ‘changed surroundings’
  • They suspect it could be linked to a person who died there not too long ago

A team of Australian ghost hunters claim they had stones thrown at them out of nowhere while they were investigating spectral goings-on at a historic site. 

Paranormal investigators from Haunted Down Under, a group that hunts ghosts while they are live online, were at the historic Rivermill at Mt Nathan, Queensland, when they say stones were thrown at them in an attic.

The group suspects the paranormal activity could be linked to a death that happened at the site not too long ago.  

Haunted Down Under was investigating the Rivermill one night in June when they heard unusual banging sounds.


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